Girls STEM UP! Hey high school and university girls – This event is around the corner!

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There’s an innovative and important conference happening March 23rd at the Fredericton Convention Centre. An inspiring organizing team of university women are leading the charge to bring Girls STEM UP to life. TechImpact and its members are engaged to assist this team. We asked Jill Lamb, the Conference Chair, some questions about what to expect.

Who do you hope will attend?

High school and university students along with woman and allies who are passionate about empowering the young women of tomorrow in STEM fields. 

What inspired you to have this conference?

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We were inspired by the young women we met on campus; who told us how they felt they had limited options when entering STEM. This struck a chord with us, as we had initially had the same experience. Therefore, we wanted to create a conference which would celebrate how being a woman in STEM doesn’t limited your options, but instead can be the first steps in a fulfilling career in just about any field or any opportunity they wish to pursue.

What are the conference themes?

Empower, Engage, Excite, and Educate. The conference is about growth of women in the STEM fields by focusing on our four themes. 

Where to find out more information: 

Tickets:  On sale soon! 

Any final thoughts?

We are excited to partner with companies across Atlantic Canada who share our vision and are ready to connect with us regarding this important conversation.

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