FutureReadyNB: Helping employers shape the future of work in New Brunswick


Are you a New Brunswick employer looking to expand your workforce or hire university talent? FutureReadyNB can help!

FutureReadyNB was created in response to a provincial task force report that called for expanded experiential learning capacity and work opportunities for New Brunswick university students. The initiative is a partnership between New Brunswick employers, public universities, students and the government, and provides funding and coordination support for students to pursue off-campus work and learning experiences. The goal is to support employers in filling labour gaps while providing students with New Brunswick-based job experiences before they graduate. Ultimately, FutureReadyNB is intended to support economic growth, and help with employment recruitment and retention of educated New Brunswickers.

What else can FutureReadyNB do for New Brunswick employers?

  • Help recruit skilled, tech-savvy talent to your organization 

  • Increase your ability to staff new projects and job postings

  • Give you a preview of the future of New Brunswick’s labour market

  • Provide financial support for eligible opportunities, such as wage subsidies, training, and transportation

To qualify, eligible employers must:

  • Be operating in New Brunswick

  • Provide a “new or expanding opportunity”

  • Demonstrate an investment towards the success of the student’s placement

  • Provide adequate supervision, training, and mentorship

  • Demonstrate an interest in offering meaningful opportunities to under-represented student groups

This next generation of thinkers and doers will be leading the province soon – why not help them get a foot in the door today? Become a FutureReadyNB employer today by visiting www.futurereadynb.ca or email info@futurereadynb.ca

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