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Supporting our region’s successes is crucial to building the momentum we need to advance our digital economy.  By sharing our success stories of business innovation and transformation, we create awareness and educate others about the potential that lies in Atlantic Canada for career opportunities and business success. 

Technology underpins everything we do, and even more importantly, how we do it.  We recognize the economic and social implications of our increasingly digital world and it’s our mission to help the Atlantic region embrace and accelerate IT adoption and innovation as the cornerstone of our economic future. 

Our focused efforts and priorities are:

  1. Workforce Development
    The growth of our industry is tied to the quality, diversity, size and strength of the talent pipeline from our post-secondary institutions and on our ability to attract a workforce from outside Atlantic Canada.  This work begins with exposing our youth to technology and technology leaders, so they can understand career opportunities.  It also provides them a chance to get hands on to become creators and users of technology while building their skills, knowledge, and confidence. We recognize and know that immigration and attracting more talent to Atlantic Canada is a key piece to building out our workforce while we demonstrate the opportunities happening here within our industry.  

  2. Fostering Innovation
    Investing in innovation means building and nurturing a collaborative research and development environment and culture amongst established and emerging businesses.  Our goal is to encourage and bridge our established private and public sectors real life challenges with our innovative tech community’s creativity, nimbleness, and inherent ability to solve these challenges.

    Increased private and public-sector collaboration with post-secondary researchers, start-ups, and technology companies will lead to new products, services and companies being created.

    Economies that embrace innovation lead to increased GDP, increased exports, increased employment and population growth.  Investing in technology and data will drive our digital economy.

  3. Building Business
    We have companies that have been built here in Atlantic Canada from the ground up and international firms with local offices delivering products and services globally.  By collaborating with East Coast companies, you are supporting the creation of great jobs in the region as we set our eyes on  the domestic and global stage. 

    Our focus is on growth and ensuring we have the business environment to make that happen whether it be talent, tools, capital and the business climate to enable growth.