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In the 21st Century, technology underpins everything we do, and even more importantly, how we do it. TechImpact recognizes the economic and social implications of our increasingly digital world. Our mission is to help our region embrace IT literacy and innovation as the cornerstone of our future prosperity. 

As members of the business community and citizens who have a personal stake in our region’s future, we advocate for the adoption of a comprehensive effort to help us reach our goals. Our strategy has five interrelated pillars and three priorities for 2018-19:

1.  Developing our Workforce

Workforce development begins with teaching our kids to code, and giving them the skills to become technological innovators – not just users. Developing these skills in our youth is a mission that continues on into higher and post-secondary education, but the research shows that when our kids begin this journey from an early age, they stand a better chance of becoming tomorrow’s top innovators.

Immigration is also an important part of developing our workforce. When our companies want to bring in top talent to make a stronger business for Atlantic Canada, we must help make that happen so we have the talented workforce needed to succeed.

2.  Celebrating Successes

At TechImpact, we believe in championing the people, businesses and governments who take smart steps to move us forward. That’s never an easy thing to do, so when our businesses land a major contract that creates jobs, or when government pilots a program that leads to great results, we’ll be there cheering them on.

Supporting our region’s successes is crucial to building the momentum we need to advance, and it’s also a great way to educate both government and the public, both in the region and around the world, about our potential to become a technology leader.

3.  Building Businesses

We are a private sector organization. We understand that business can be a major driver of technology adoption and innovation. By supporting East Coast companies we support the creation of good jobs in our region, and the development of the region’s international profile. Supporting businesses means creating a climate where promising startups and entrepreneurs have access to funding right here at home, as well as to a community of mentors and like-minded founders, and where growing businesses have the tools and workforce needed to expand globally. 

4.  Working with Government

Advocacy work across all levels of government underpins all these other pillars. We understand that new ideas can take time to adopt, and that’s why we want to help open the lines of communication between policy makers and top researchers. We’re convinced of the substantial advantages a stronger technological foundation can bring to our region – benefitting everything from our kids’ future, to streamlining government services, improving the economy, and with it government tax revenues, and attracting more investment to our region. We are committed to working with governments to develop an ICT-friendly policy environment as a vital precondition for the East Coast’s long-term prosperity.

5.  Fostering Innovation

Innovation is the fuel that will transform the Canadian economy. We will work to encourage increased innovation in all parts of our economy. This includes supporting increased private sector and university research and commercialization that will lead to new products or services to build companies around. Innovation is not only for the private sector; we will also encourage the development of innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver traditional public services. 

3 Priorities for 2018 - 19

  • Workforce Development

  • Fostering Innovation

  • Growing Businesses