What’s in a name?

In recent months, we’ve thought long and hard about who we are, the work we’re doing, and what we’re doing it all for.

Through this process of discussion with our members and deliberation on our long-term goals, it became clear to us that our focus needed to be on how technology can truly transform our region’s economy. That’s why the New Brunswick Information Technology Council has evolved to become TechImpact.

Why TechImpact? It’s simple really. We are interested not just in technology, but more importantly in the positive social and economic impacts it can deliver to our society.

Technology is at the heart of tremendous transformations in the global economy, and that’s good news for our part of the world. By embracing technology in everything we do, we can become a leader. Our economy will expand, jobs will be created, our population will grow and our government will have more revenues. It becomes a virtuous cycle.

Of course, that happy future is far from guaranteed: we have to be smart and ambitious to seize this opportunity.

We have a lot of work to do as a region. TechImpact, with business leaders representing large and small businesses from across the region, is focused on five primary pillars to boost our economy:

1) Developing our Workforce

From building IT literacy into our educational system to making Atlantic Canada a welcoming place for highly-skilled immigrants, creating a stronger workforce will be key to our region’s ability to compete.

2) Celebrating our Successes

We already have some fantastic success stories, and it’s time we spread the news. By showing support for successful and innovative businesses, non-profit organizations and new government initiatives, we encourage greater leadership and help educate the public about our region’s potential.

3) Building our Businesses

We need to work with business on a day-to-day basis to build a truly strong economy. By leveraging our connections we can help create new opportunities for export and domestic procurement that can be vital to a growing business.

4) Working with Government

Advocacy work across all levels of government underpins these other efforts. By opening the lines of communication between the policy makers and the industry experts, we help our region to stay ahead of the curve. There have been some great examples of interprovincial cooperation between government and business across our region coming together to promote industry growth.

5) Fostering Innovation

Innovation is the fuel that will transform the Canadian economy. We will work to encourage increased innovation in all parts of our economy. This includes supporting increased private sector and university research and commercialization that will lead to new products or services to build companies around. Innovation is not only for the private sector; we will also encourage the development of innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver traditional public services. 

At TechImpact we are committed to being a catalyst for the creation of more beneficial alliances, more opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs, and stronger efforts to educate the public and government about the positive impact technology can have in our region.

The impact of technology on our region’s society and economy is a fact. At TechImpact, we’re here to make sure that it’s a positive one.